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My work investigates how painting can engage with and absorb digital imaging and digital technologies and how this relationship can alter and expand a history and language of painting. Some examples of the digital domains that I’ve integrated with a painting history are: scientific and astronomical visualizations in relation to perspectival space and abstraction (Science/Astronomy Series), video game imagery in relation to historical landscape painting (Video Game/Landscape Series), 2D and 3D software programs in relation to cubism (Cubism/Digital Imaging Series) and pop culture and news media imagery in relation to a history of war imagery in painting (Pop Violence Series). In two of these series, the Science/Astronomy and Video Game/Landscape series I further complicate this analog/digital relationship by integrating laptops, 3D printing, pigment printouts and laser etching with the painting process. I’m interested in how these worlds can merge, expanding the semiotics of space while providing a more complex and reflective experience of our contemporary society, one that believes in innovation yet also wants to hold on to its past.

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